Youíre meant to feel amazing!

After teaching for 16 years, one thing Iíve learned is that everyone has basically the same problems, and basically everyone thinks they are the only person on the planet suffering with this terrible shameful affliction.

Enter workshops and group events to annihilate this illusion. I teach how to live that fresh outta yoga feeling everyday by applying super easy skills anyone can do. I promise you will have fun while discovering your innate greatness and that you can change your life if you practice what you learn.

Upcoming Workshops

Private Yoga Sessions

Have a burning yoga question about alignment, philosophy, or meditation? Always wondered if your downward dog is all that it can be? Or do you have a special day with family and friends you'd like to make more memorable and relaxing?

Schedule a private session with me and go home happy!

Take what you learn in our one-to-one sessions home with you and be ready to integrate new, tailored-to-you knowledge into your practice.

Private sessions can be done at your preferred location whether that's in the studio or at your home. Enjoy this great way to deepen your practice in a private class. Or gather your friends and family for a yoga party or retreat! Birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and promotions are all great reasons to get your yoga on and celebrate with your favorite people.
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